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Birkenstock high heels

Stiletto heels are the most common type of shoes in the womens wardrobe. Classic, fashionable, with a high rise – they will decorate any female leg and give refinement to the whole image.

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birkenstock high heels is considered to be a very thin heel, longer than five centimeters, with thickness from three millimeters to no more than one centimeter.

When wearing this type of shoes, not only the image becomes feminine, but also the gait changes dramatically: it becomes beautiful, slow. In these birkenstock high heels you cannot run, you have to walk carefully and beautifully. But the admiration and a huge number of interested mens views are guaranteed.

Who invented?

In the mid-twentieth century, fashion designer Roger Vivier created a style of shoes which later became a classic. Beautiful, with a pointed toe and a high thin stiletto, the length of which was eight centimeters. At that time it was considered a rare wonder because not everyone dared to wear such high and thin heels.

But the fashion trend was picked up, and two years later designer Salvatore Ferragamo created a similar model of shoes but with a longer stiletto of 10 centimeters.

The person who popularized these models became the well-known master Christian Louboutin. We all owe him the fashion for stiletto heels with a large platform.

Types of stiletto


Of course, the classic version of stiletto is the one with a small diameter and length of at least eight centimeters. These shoes are usually purchased for special occasions or evening events.


Metal stiletto became fashionable relatively recently. It is used both in classic shoes with a pointed toe and in platform shoes. Such stiletto gives a very original look to the shoes and to the whole image. Most often, the metal stiletto is very thin, but quite stable.


Shoes with small thin heels are very comfortable and practical. Foot does not get tired in them and you can be in motion for a long time, compared with high-heeled shoes.

Fashion trends in birkenstock high heels

With a pointed toe

Now shoes with a pointed toe are back to the peak of popularity. Classic, beautiful, stiletto heels fit perfectly and give an incredibly elegant look to its owner.


Classic stiletto heels are pumps with a slightly round toe and a heel of at least eight centimeters. They are elegant and will be suitable in any style.

With a strap

The classic style of shoes does not imply a strap, but these shoes have become fashionable in the last few seasons. Ankle straps or crossed thin straps are now also at the peak of popularity.

Platform shoes

Girls, especially not very tall, fell in love with very high stiletto, with a length of over twelve centimeters. But it was incredibly difficult to walk in them because foot was in a very uncomfortable position and you can easily sprain an ankle putting the foot wrong. So, designers began to create shoes with a platform which supported the foot and facilitated the gait on high heels.



Black shoes have always been, are and will remain a classic in all styles of shoes. Black shoes fit absolutely any image and look very organic everywhere. As they say, every woman should have at least one little black dress and at least one pair of black classic pumps in her wardrobe. This is a mandatory base of any wardrobe.


Beige shoes have competed with black stiletto heels in recent years. They are also perfectly combined with any colour and perfectly complement any image.


White, like black, is the basic classic colour that perfectly complements the image. If earlier white shoes were considered a wedding model, now these shoes perfectly combine with jeans and dresses and other items of clothing.

Pastel colours

Stiletto heels of pastel colours is a wonderful and very gentle addition to any image. They look great with any part of the wardrobe, if combine in colour with it. Pink, blue, mint, purple, they give romance to your image.

Bright colour

With the help of stiletto heels of bright colours you can competently accentuate and give originality to your image.


Stiletto heels are made of both natural and artificial materials. The most popular material for the creation of all shoes in general, is, of course, leather and its analogues. Thanks to modern technology, leather substitutes are now almost as good as their natural competitors. These shoes are comfortable, looks good and suitable for daily use.

Today, models of suede and shiny lacquer are also very popular. They are ideal for evening outings and celebrations. These shoes are not recommended for use every day, as they are too bright and not very practical, especially this applies to suede shoes.

How to choose

Choosing birkenstock high heels, pay attention to the convenience of shoe last. After all, you will spend more than one hour in these shoes, and they should be primarily comfortable for you and your feet.

What to wear with

birkenstock high heels are a perfect option if you are going to go out. They are perfectly combined with any image and will be a wonderful and elegant addition to it.

White pointed shoes with blue jeans and a white jacket look awesome.

Black platform shoes will be the perfect addition to a black trouser or skirt suit.

birkenstock high heels will fit the dress, but only if it is midi, maxi or knee-length. birkenstock high heels and mini-skirts should by no means be combined, because it is considered as a bad taste.

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