Ugly Websites May Be Winning It

An effective website clearly conveys a message about a business to the customer and drives that customer into buying the advertised product or service. Whether the business model is selling products or services via the internet or pulling customers into a brick and mortar store, the website needs to educate the consumers in how and why that business can fit their needs. A website can be effective and have style, but if the site developer focuses on eye-catching graphics that distract the customer away from the core message, that site is a failure. Depending on the nature of the business, an ugly website that presents its content clearly can be more effective than a beautiful one that does not. Continue reading

Art and It’s Role in Webdesign

To understand the role that art plays in web design, a person must first understand art verses design. Debated for generations, it would be easy to dismiss the connection between both art and design. In fact, the word “web design” has the term design in it. This only blurs the line between what is a interconnected and interwoven topic of art and design.

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