Spokane Window Tinting A Corvette

Protecting Your Car’s Interior in Spokane’s Weather

Many people consider window tinting in Spokane during summer for various reasons. Some simply decide to have their windows tinted for cosmetic reasons. However, there are many more reasons to tint the windows in your vehicle. Spokane’s summer weather takes a toll on the outside of your car. Overtime the paint begins to fade and can really decrease the value and overall appearance of your vehicle. As with the outside of the car, the inside will have a ton of sun expose as well. Continue reading

Hoopfest Season in Spokane Again

Another year is well under way, and Spokane has already been gearing up for Hoopfest. In fact, Hoopfest has already begun. It began on Thursday and it went off without a hitch.


Now there had been some rainy weather in the beginning, but in spite of all this, people came out in droves for the party. The Nike Tent was in full swing, once again this year. Business was very heavy, according to a few of the tent organizers.

Within the Nike Tent there are some really hot photo opportunities. There is also some great merchandise and vertical jump. People have come from far and wide, just to get their hands on the merchandise alone. There is a lot of special and limited edition things that is not sold anywhere else.

Thursday was the check-in date for all of the teams, which are being represented this year. There is roughly 7200 teams. The crowds alone have totaled to more then 250,000 people. As one observer put it, “People come from all over, just to be a part of this event. It began in Thursday and it’s expected to hit a feverish peak this weekend.”

This is more then just a sporting event. This is a community thing. It has been for years now. But for the teams, it’s something much more. For most teams playing, it’s about getting that win. They won last year, and they want to bring home that same win this year. With the community and excitement, it doesn’t feel as though a win is too much to ask for.

Hoopfest is the most looked to event each year. People come from other states, as well as other countries, just to take part. Stay tuned for more news on this here in Spokane.

Looking for a good used car in Spokane?

if you are looking for a utilized vehicle in Spokane, you’ll find a single quickly. Just seriously, write this stuff down. In the event you apply the following tips, you are going to be an awesome Spokane used car searching person.

Here is how to do this, are you ready to do this? This is going to be fun.

Used Acura in Spokane

Ok, get ready to start looking for any loved ones motor vehicle, you may be wanting a multi passenger van, or perhaps an SUV. If you want to haul issues all over, you’ll call for a pickup. When you are just hunting for your utilised small car, after that that is what you may need.

Get a 4×4, it is a pleasant feature to get in an auto. The next thing is, does one require it to acquire how many doors? Once you’ve the capabilities and sort of motor vehicle decided, it is time to start exploring.

Glimpse in Craig’s list, look in the city of Spokane’s made use of cars and trucks newspapers much like used cars. At times you could find good made use of cars and trucks discounts on ebay . com website. Once you have seemed inside every one of these places, just then is a good time to start off searching through the locally in used car or truck sellers of the great Spokane.

Do what you studied in this article and you should get your car.

Fun Activities Riverfront Park Spokane

Riverfront park in Spokane has many activities for the whole family. There are several activities for the children such as a carousel, water fountain, a play ground, and a slide shaped like a big red wagon.


The carousel with its loud music and colorful rides is always a fun place to visit. The water fountain is a good place for children to cool down during the warm summer months. The big red wagon is probably one of the most recognized feature in the park. It is an easily accessible entertainment.

There are also plenty activities for adults. There is an ice palace for those who enjoy ice skating, a building with amusement rides, there is also a clock tower, and an arcade full of games. There are trails for taking a leisurely walk, or you can take a ride in a gondola and scare yourself half to death when you look down and see the gushing Spokane river under you. You can also go down to the Huntington park and watch the beautiful river gurgle and splash. There is an theater you can go to. You can also go and play mini golf across from the Imax theater. If you are a tourist just visiting Spokane you may just want to visit the Vietnam veterans memorial, or you could go look at the Bloomsday sculptures. You can find all this and more at the Riverfront park in Spokane.

Beware of Unlicensed Paving Company in Spokane

As the summer approaches, it is the time of year to fix the damage that was done during the winter. This is the perfect time for scammers to come out and play. It has been reported that there is a traveling asphalt company by the name of Evergreen Paving and Seal-coating (EP&S)that is going through the eastern Washington area looking for clients.

paving-company-spokaneThe Better Business Bureau has received a complaint from a Wenatchee area resident and a Spokane area resident regarding this company. The Better Business Bureau is warning people about Evergreen Paving and Seal-Coating because they are unlicensed and do not seem to care about obtaining their license.

An investigator working with the Better Business Bureau contacted the company to inquire about their license, and someone working for the company stated that they don’t want clients who care about a license. Spokane area residents should beware of this company. If approached by anyone working for this company do not do business with them. Report them immediately.

Around this time of year, people need to beware of companies such as this one. They are likely to do a bad or incomplete job and skip out when they have collected their payment. Traveling companies are not a good way to go. It is best to find a business with a permanent location. Beware of asphalt companies that offer door to door sales. This is unconventional in this field of work and should raise some red flags. If searching for an asphalt contractor, do your research first.

Nothing Happens in Spokane…

Growing up in Spokane was interesting… and I use that word with air-quotes, but as a teenager, we always looked for something to do, somewhere fun to go with friends. Staying away from alcohol and drugs and from popular parties in town, left very few choices. This was back in the 1990’s, but today (the 2010’s), things have changed a little.

RiverPark Square in Spokane

We’ve got our selves a RiverPark Square downtown, which is a nicer place to hang out for youngsters, still have the Wonderland and Patisons roller skating alley up North, NorthTown and Valley Mall, and a few bowling places. We have the ice-skating rink downtown and up on Francis in the winter.

I remember we used to hang out in Manito park too, sledding down the hills in the winter and feeding the ducks in the summer, which is no longer allowed today.

Casinos have sprouted up all over the area so a lot of young adults tend to rush out there whenever possible. Probably not a good thing for Spokane’s health, but good for the pocket-book.


Spokane’s Ugly Websites May Be Winning It

An effective website clearly conveys a message about a business to the customer and drives that customer into buying the advertised product or service. Whether the business model is selling products or services via the internet or pulling customers into a real Spokane based brick and mortar store, the website needs to educate the consumers in how and why that business can fit their needs. A website can be effective and have style, but if the site developer focuses on eye-catching graphics that distract the customer away from the core message, that site is a failure. Depending on the nature of the business, in any city in Washington state, an ugly website that presents its content clearly can be more effective than a beautiful one that does not. Continue reading

Art and It’s Role in Webdesign

To understand the role that art plays in web design, a person must first understand art verses design. Debated for generations, it would be easy to dismiss the connection between both art and design. In fact, the word “web design” has the term design in it. This only blurs the line between what is a interconnected and interwoven topic of art and design.

Continue reading

How Website Look of Spokane Has Changed Since the 1990’s

Professional web designers and web users can agree, web design has come a long way since the 1990’s! This includes websites that are from Spokane just the same. Why do I want to focus on Spokane websites, is because we in the technological sense are a little behind as a city. This is not a bad thing, but in terms of staying on top of the latest technological and design developments, we take it easy and not rush into it as for example a bigger city like Seattle.

Take a look at some of the top trends that can be seen in modern Web design. We see cleaner design, mobile device considerations, user experience and style as some of the elements that have changed and improved.

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